Backyard Projects

This summer I’ve actually had time to do some fun little projects in the back yard! I’ve added lots of extra colorful plants and am really enjoying every moment of sun outside that I can! I’ve been loving all the great backyard diy projects on Pinterest lately too!

A personal project, my sons room!

Maxwell Anderson Westerberg, my son. He is the light of my life! And his room is now featured on Project Nursery. Check it out if you are interested in kiddie rooms! This site seems to be a great recourse for creating spaces for the little people in our lives!


Photo Cred: Carly Currie,


Vintage frame, chalk board project

This spring I’ve been feeling extra crafty and wanting to explore my inner “diy”er! I found this perfectly ugly vintage ornate frame at a local thrift store and just knew it would be perfect in my own kitchen.


Weathered woods

A huge trend in wood right now is weathered, distressed finishes. It has an appeal of character, it’s been loved and warn over a life time and helps hide the every day ware and tear we put on our furniture and floors. Its worth a consideration if you are thinking of purchasing some new furniture, especially something that gets high traffic like a kitchen table, or for your flooring options. Here are some great on trend options to get you going in a good direction!


A new phase of life…

As many of you know, I have entered a new phase of life….motherhood! Maxwell Anderson Westerberg was born this July and I am now entering the phase of toys and large baby items and looking for ways to keep the home stylish while accommodating my little one.


Tufting makes everything better

Details make a room special. Tufting on any upholstered piece brings it to a new level of sophistication. If you have the option, add some buttons! Keep in mind, you don’t want to do this on every single piece in a room, but it will definitely add character to a main piece. Here are some options to get you inspired!


I Heart Etsy

Etsy is a wonderful place where artists and creators can sell all of their amazing creations. You can find one of a kind pieces that will fill your home with character and charm. And how wonderful is it to support small businesses? It’s a win/win for everyone! Here are a few of my favorite finds:


Taking a room from average or good to GREAT!

For those of you who enjoy sprucing up your home, looking through a latest home decor magazine, shopping the isles of home stores…you may find it thrilling and challenging to finish off a room and make it great. Here are a few tips to get you across that finish line to creating an unreal space that people will notice when they walk through the door.

Basement 004

Media Room & Cabinet Update

A simple media room refresh! The room already had the shell, it just needed some decorative touches!

Baby bump, palm springs, craigs list 078

Selling off all staging items!

Well I’ve decided to sell off all my staging items. I’ve got quite the collection and am ready to clean out some storage space! Feel free to shop and browse and let me know if you are interested in any items.


Spring can’t come quick enough!

Opening the blinds this morning I am greeted with another dreary day. But wait, the birds are chirping! If I squint my eyes enough, I’m quite confident those are future buds on the trees and maybe a few tulips starting to pop up?! Oh please, let spring come quickly this year! I’m sure you are feeling the same, at least I hope I am not alone in this! Here are some colorful, fun, pick me ups to let us know that no matter when the season plans to arrive, the design industry is ready to go for spring!


Accessorizing the kitchen

When taking note at a “sad” looking kitchen, we often think….”Start over!”. But maybe some fun new accessories are all you need to give the room a fresh perspective? Especially if you have simple, neutral finishes existing, some creative accessorizing can bring that room to life! Don’t ever under estimate the power of decor.


Furniture sale!

Selling some great pieces of furniture. Browse the items below and feel free to contact me if you are interested.


Pinterest inspiration

A girl friend and I were inspired by an image on Pinterest, a tree shape made out of old wood pallets. We decided to get creative and try this project out for ourselves! Keep in mind, we were only going off an image, so we altered the look a bit to create the pieces to our liking.


2012 Gift Idea’s

Christmas is coming, the shops are starting to fill! Here are some of my personal favorite idea’s for hostess gifts, stocking stuffer, etc. for this Christmas season


Adding interest to ceilings

As I was watching TV the other night, I looked up at my small scale vaulted ceiling in my family room and thought…I could do something a heck of a lot more interesting with that ceiling than what it is now…blah and speckled.


Turkish Rug

I would like to introduce to you the newest member to my home: my beautiful Turkish rug!


How to: Picture Wall

One thing I love to bring home with me from traveling is small pieces of local art work. Photography, sketches, etc. purchased in little shops and out on quaint picturesque side walks. Then when I get home, I have to figure out how to display all these very different styled images together. For me, the “picture wall” is the perfect eclectic solution.


God Save The Queen

Who’s watching the Olympics? So far, the opening ceremonies are incredible! I thought it was only fitting to do a blog post inspired by England’s style! Here are a few must have’s if you want to incorporate this country’s flare into your home:


Le Germain Hotel, Calgary

I had the privilege of going to the Calgary Stampede this year. We stayed at the Le Germain Hotel downtown and let me tell you, this hotel wowed me. From the design, to the comfort and luxury, they thought of everything.


Mix & Match: Bedroom Edition

Do you have a matching bedroom set? Headboard, nightstands, dresser, highboy, mirror? Well it’s time for a change! You don’t have to throw out the whole set to get a current look. Here are a few idea’s to freshen up your tired space:


Sneak Peek

I will be updating my website soon with new projects. Here’s a sneak peek of a loft I worked on this past year:


Retro styling

If you are looking to refresh your space, but are tired of the usual looks, I suggest looking to the past for inspiration! Retro styling is definitely making waves again in today’s design world. Here are a few pieces that would add  personality to any space:


Designer Furniture Sale

I am looking to sell off some furniture that I have, from staging, etc. Many of the pieces have barely been used and are much less expensive then buying them brand new. Please browse and let me know if you are interested:

Melted crayon art

Internet inspiration

As any creative person, sometimes I need some help to come up with new idea’s for myself or my clients. This weekend, I was looking at my open shelving and thought for the warm weather we’re having, they needed a little more color. So I looked through one of my Pinterest boards, I headed off to the Dollar Store, purchased a couple hundred crayons, dusted off my old glue gun and started away on a little art project. Here’s my version of the melted crayon art


Mixing wood species and tones

Mixing wood species and tones can be tricky. If you are building or renovating, or just adding a new detail to your home, this is something that will probably come up. Nowadays having hardwood floors running throughout your home is common, then you have railings, cabinets, trim/doors, or furniture that all layer in with your floors and need to communicate well. Here are a few tips to help you with this process:


Bath tubs – choosing the right one for you

Choosing the right bath tub for you is important. There are many options, shapes and styles to choose from. A bath tub used to be a functional piece, but now it can be looked at as a focal point in your bath room, the motivation to get through the day for a hot soak, a piece of art. Here are a few options and details that will surely add presence to your space


Fashion Design vs. Interior Design

As I look to add to my spring wardrobe and flip through the latest fashion magazines, I feel inspired. Not only for my closet, but also for my interior design projects! I often see trends and idea’s that carry through the two industries, especially in color. If you love to wear the latest Tangerine Orange (which might I add…is EVERYWHERE!), then why not try  it in your home?


Brick: Timeless & Classic

Brick has been around for hundreds of years, it has gone through it’s time of being a timeless beauty to a tacky re-make. But for the most part, brick is a classic material that can add character to any room.


It’s in the details

Want to make your space stand out from the rest? Well there are some tricks to follow, adding that magazine look to your space.  When I’m looking for: furniture, lighting, accessories, etc. I try to focus on details that make the item of choice different and unique from rest. Here are some classic details to look for when you are siphoning through items for your home:


Arranging furniture

Is arranging furniture a struggle for you? Well here are some **tips to use and a few key questions to ask yourself:

Do you have a focal point in the room? This is usually a fireplace in a living/family room, could be a TV in a casual space, a head board in a bedroom, etc. If you do not have a natural focal point, this could be the source of your struggles


CB2: Coming soon!!

In honor of the new CB2 (Crate & Barrel 2) opening in Vancouver this month, I thought I would share a few of my favorites from there collection. I often feature their items in my blog posts and now we can go see their products in person!

Pillows 040

DIY: Pillow covers

During one of our snow filled weeks, I spent a good chunk of time at home (snowed in). I kept busy with making these pillow covers.

Here’s a how to on creating some custom pillow covers:


DIY: Head board

I can not take credit for this ingenious idea, but I will post about it! My sister in law created this cool and funky head board for their down town apartment…and I think it looks like a million bucks! Here’s her “how to” list and photos!

Zigzag rug

Cozy up with Area Rugs

During these cold winter months, who doesn’t love making the house feel a little more warm and welcoming and having your feet touch something soft! An area rug is a great way to add that comfort to your room and quickly change to a different style, or color scheme.

Night stands 003

Before & After: Night stands

Well another item off my check list done! I am really trying to take advantage of my new years resolution of being productive! Hopefully this new found energy will last throughout the year! I purchased these two night stands from a thrift store for $30.00 each and immediately regretted my choice. Why would I buy such average looking furniture when I am always trying to achieve unique looking spaces? I knew I wanted to add some sort of interesting paint treatment, but I didn’t know if that would be enough to transform these bland pieces.

Foot stool: After

Before & After: Foot stool

Happy New Year! One item off my check list is done! I purchased this little stool from a thrift store for $9.00 and saw some potential in it.


Getting organized

I’ve been hit hard with a flu and cold this Christmas and am starting to feel “cabin fever” after quite a few days on the couch. I’m itching to do something, to feel motivated and have engergy to tackle a project. But I am still on the mend…so I will write my new years “to do” list and hopefully be able to start soon.


Dwell Studio

Dwell Studio, what’s not to love? I seem to “need” everything they create! Their patterns are fun and simple, the accessories are unique and they will add charm into any home! Check it out to create your wish list and for inspiration…that’s what I’m doing!

Cheveron Stripes

A new pattern that I love is Cheveron stripes. I have actually just purchased some fabric to make some new pillows for myself when life slows down a bit! You can go for high constrast in this fabric, or find something with more subtel tones. Either way, it will add impact and personality to your space. It can also update a tired old space with some freshness! Here are some options to get you inspired:

This high constrast rug will update any tired seating area with warth and charm. From West Elm


Deck the halls

Christmas is here! Merry Christmas to you! I love this season, I love decorating for this season! Here are some tips and trends that I’ve used throughout my own home to achieve a winter wonderland.

Updated kitchen

Inexspensive Kitchen update

Kitchens are the heart of the home. We use this room every day whether we are a gourmet chef or struggling to make toast! Kitchen renovations can be expensive and time consuming. You can make a big impact though on a tight budget if you are creative.


First Impressions: Entrance

We all have an entrance into our home: BIG or small, working or not, functional or chaotic. Whatever you have, this space usually needs to be multi-function, working for every day life but also be aesthetically pleasing for the moments when we have guests stop by. I like to create interest (with wall treatments, color, flooring differential, lighting, etc.) so people take a moment to stop and notice the space.


Mix & match

When working through an overall look for a room, the easiest option is to buy a furniture set that all matches. Boring! When I’m working through a scheme, I try to use many finishes, patterns and textures. You can apply this to a material scheme (flooring, counters, wall treatments) or a furniture and fabric scheme. Today we will go through a room scheme with furniture and fabrics.

For your largest piece, which is usually a sofa, I try to choose a solid neutral fabric. This can be an expensive piece, so if you go with a neutral fabric, you hopefully will love it for years to come, even if you change your color scheme and the other pieces around it.

For your accent pieces, which would be an arm chair, ottoman, etc. I like to go with pattern fabrics or bolder color choices. This brings some life to the room in small doses.

If you decide to go with solid fabrics for the majority of your upholstered pieces (instead of doing an arm chair in a patterned fabric), think of inter changing fabrics with leather. This can create interest without committing to a risky pattern. Also keep in mind using different textures, a woven fabric can often give the same appeal as a pattern fabric without the risk.

For pillows, throw blankets, area rugs, artwork, etc. this is where I like to use brighter color and pattern choices. They are usually easier to change, so the risk won’t seem as major in a smaller dosage.

To create a room that’s interesting, not busy, you want to choose patterns in different scales. You want to mix fabrics in small and large sizes so they don’t compete and work well together.

Using these tips should help you to create a fun and unique space without going over the top.  All images from:



Lighting types: use to your advantage

With the daylight getting shorter, we need to use lighting more and more every day. Don’t underestimate the power of lighting. There is more then just “off” and “on”. There is task lighting: lighting a space where you are working on something and need it illuminated (IE: under cabinet lighting on counters for preparing food); mood lighting: using lamps, candles, dimmer lights to add ambiance to a space; accent lighting: to draw attention to something specific (lighting to enhance art work, textural detail, etc.)


How to dress a fireplace

Fireplaces are often the focal point of a room, so work with that and don’t fight it. If you love your fireplace and the materials around or you are hating it, accessorizing it can help bring it into a positive light in your space.


San Fransisco

I recently went on a trip to San Fransisco, what a beautiful city. Full of life and character on every street corner. The buildings are unique and full of color, making every street scape look like a pretty rainbow.



For all of you crafty people out there, I think we’ve all used stencils before. It may even be a “have loved and now hate relationship”. But this could change things for you! I came across this website and thought this could be really interesting for crafting some funky items!


Pinterest…loving it

I just created an account at Pinterest! Have you checked it out? It’s a great way to get idea’s for your home, style, life. You can collect images of things you love and then return to them when you are finally ready to tackle a weekend project, room make over, etc. Check it out!


Backyard entertaining

With a few weeks left of summer, it’s time to make the most of it, have over friends and enjoy the warm evenings. The evenings that stand out in my mind over the summers are the ones where the host took extra thought and care into adding extra touches to the evening.


I love Gold

Not everyone loves metallic, but I on the other hand do! I grew up watching my mother and grandmother (who are both very stylish) dress and accessories themselves and their homes with this shiny hue. Some might say it’s too formal and fussy, but it also adds a sense of sophistication and glamour to a room.


Stripes: Timeless pattern

Adding pattern to a space will liven it up instantly. Stripes are a timeless option, different scales of stripes also can add a traditional to modern touch.


Citrus cravings

Citrus colors are really on trend right now and it’s a perfect time of year to introduce a few hits of this into your space. If your bold: you could add some color more permanently by recovering seat covers, painting furniture or feature walls in a bright accent color. If you want something quick and easy, try adding a few toss cushions and accessories.


Coffee table alternatives

If you don’t have the space or can’t seem to commit to a large pieces of furniture, for a coffee table, try a pair of small scale stools or ottomans (some of them could even double as a side table or seating).


Texture & Pattern

Every room needs a balance of pattern and solids to keep your eye roaming throughout the space. If every fabric and finish is patterned, it can be over whelming.


Quoizel Lighting

I really appreciate the simple lines of these lighting options from Quoizel lighting. I love that these lights look current, but they would still look stunning five years from now. Choosing timeless pieces is important, as we don’t want to always be changing our surroundings and doing “mini makeovers”.


Re-think: Dining Room

When I was growing up, the look for dining rooms was as follows: A heavy wood table, matching wood chairs and an equally heavy large china cabinet. The goal for dining rooms today, is to look like they were created over time…adding piece by piece. If you have a matching set currently, you could always replace a few of the items to create this unique look.

Niagara Falls

I recently visited Niagara Falls, what an unreal sight. I thought I would share a few photo’s of my visit

Thrift store find

The hunt:

I’ve been on the search for a traditional ornate mirror that I could paint in a bold, modern color. I’ve looked on line, I’ve looked at Home Sense, I’ve looked at the local Thrift Stores and nothing.

Fabrics, bedding, glorious colors

I came across this artist, Amy Butler, and instantly fell for her colorful creations. As I looked through her website and patterns, I realized that I already had some of her collections in my life already. I have made pillows with her fabric and many cards with her paper line. Thought I would pass on the find!

Dining Room Dilemma

My husband and I renovated our home a few years ago. I realized after living in the home for a while that one of the paint colors that I had chosen had been a mis-tint and I didn’t notice during the renovation stage. I had never really loved this color and now I had a real reason to feel this way.

Palm Springs Inspiration

I had the opportunity to stay at the Viceroy Hotel in Palm Springs. The design of the hotel inspired me incredibly. The color combination of black white and citrus yellow was stunning, mixed with textures and pattern, the whole look was gorgeous. Here are a few images of the jaw dropping space:

Perfecting displays

We all have stuff we’ve collected over the years, items we’ve inherited from a loved one, purchased on a trip to capture a memory, the every day stuff that’s useful, etc. To make a dramatic impact on your open shelving & surfaces (like coffee tables, buffets, etc.) here are a few tips to maximize the look and display your pieces

Hanging art 101

Hanging art can be simple, but is often an area of confusion for people. Here are a few tips to keep you on the right track:

1. When hanging art on a wall, the center point of your image should be at eye level, which is usually around 55″ to 60″ from the floor.  If you are hanging art over something (a cabinet, fireplace, etc.) this may bring the height of the image up a bit

Patterns to love in 2011

Adding pattern to a room can instantly give it a fresh update. Here are some patterns to watch for in 2011

Industrial Style

This may not be a look that appeals to everyone, but right now it’s on my wish list. Just adding in a few industrial looking pieces to your home will give you an attractive style for your eyes to roam over.  I like the idea of mixing these more masculine rustic pieces in with my softer furnishings to create a perfectly balanced scheme of masculine and feminine

DIY- Chalk Board Paint

Chalk Board Paint could be used on a whole wall, an accent area or even on furniture. You could use this idea to give you a large space to get organized or just creative with your decor. Here are some images to get you inspired:

Entrance – Foyer – Welcome

If your entrance is large or small, it’s important to remember this space as it gives your guests a first impression of your home. You can also enhance the functional side of this with a few simple additions to your space

It color: Purple

Purple is one of my favorite colors to use around the house. It’s rich, dramatic and not overly feminine (if you use the right shade!). Especially during the holidays it can add a luxurious feel to your home. Here’s a few ideas to get your mind moving in the purple direction:

Creative Christmas

Christmas is an expensive time and sometimes spending money on decorating the home isn’t our main priority. I would like to share with you a few of idea’s that I use around my own home to get ready for the holidays:

Double Duty

With the Christmas season fast approaching, I thought I would take a look at seating for the extra company that will be joining our homes. Here’s a few options that will do double duty for you and your guests:


Fresh back from a trip to Montreal, I thought I would share a few of my favorite spots and what really had my head turning

We went for lunch at Olive + Gourmando, it was a uniquely adorable cafe. I loved how they mixed a twig chandelier with an amazing marble back splash (image below and more on the site). The food was all served on wood cutting boards and all made from scratch, it was thrill for my taste buds and my eyes!

It Color: Green

With the days getting a little darker, I like to bring bright colors into my projects to lighten the mood. Green is a gender neutral color that is easy to incorporate with neutral tones. Try mixing a few of these pieces into your place to awaken your mood over the next few winter months:

Conversation starter

We spend so much time in our homes, so it’s important to enjoy being there. Even if your space is complete, it’s good to move things around once in a while just to keep things interesting. It’s also fun to add items to your home that will add a touch of humour and personality (which every one needs!):

Bathroom Wish List

If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom, here’s some inspiration to get you started:

Glass: Timeless Material

Glass is a timeless material in any space. My parents have had the same glass and metal coffee tables for over 25 years and they still look perfect in there living room. Here are some pieces that are current, but would stand the test of time:

It Color: Yellow

Add sunshine to your place with yellow

Color Scheme, Photo Inspiration

I find it difficult sometimes to come up with a new fresh color scheme. It helps looking through magazines, websites, etc. for inspiration or you could also turn to nature and your own photo’s. I took this photo on a weekend away during this summer and immediately thought this would be a beautiful color scheme.

Barely There

Tone on tone wall paper can subtly add an elegant look to your space. I am thinking of doing my dining room in one of these options and think they are beautiful!