Backyard Projects

This summer I’ve actually had time to do some fun little projects in the back yard! I’ve added lots of extra colorful plants and am really enjoying every moment of sun outside that I can! I’ve been loving all the great backyard diy projects on Pinterest lately too! Here are a few things I’ve been working on:

Painting terracotta pots:

  • Step 1: Paint the rim of the terracotta pot in your color of choice. I used standard craft paint and just mixed up custom colors with the standard shades I already had
  • Step 2: Use standard green painters tape to tape around your (now dried) newly painted rim as well as a random pattern on the base. Whatever you tape will be left in the natural terracotta finish.

  • Step 3: Everything left exposed, spray out in your choice of spray paint. I like the strong contrast of metallic shades, so I used silver on the larger¬†pot and gold on the smaller pot. Do a few coats of spray paint until you have full coverage and let dry.
  • Step 4: Remove the tape and add a plant of your choice!

Hanging planters on fence posts:

  • Step 1: I picked up metal pots and twine¬†from the dollar store. I used a nail and added a few holes to the bottom of the pot so water wouldn’t sit at the bottom of the pot.
  • Step 2: I then wrapped the twine around the pot numerous times and left extra at the ends to tie a knot to secure the winding twine around the pot and then tied another knot at the end of the extra length to create a loop to hang around the fence post
  • Step 3: Next I added soil and my plants and hung around the fence post! Easy and inexpensive!

Cinderblock planters:

  • Step 1: Picked up 15 cinderblocks, soil and plants from Home Depot
  • Step 2: Choose your length of the base (which will be the widest part of the planter) and line up your blocks. You can have all of the base blocks running flat or you can have some sticking out. Fill the blocks (that wont have plants in them) with gravel to add some strength. Start adding layers to your blocks. Make sure the blocks are staggered so the ends don’t line up from one level to another. Change the directions of some blocks so that a few blocks stick out for plant options. I also left the ends open for plants and tapered the blocks as I went up in levels, adding gravel throughout the inner blocks.
  • Step 3: Add landscaping cloth to the blocks that stick out, so the soil will stay in the open bottom blocks
  • Step 4: Add soil to all the open blocks and add your plants throughout. I doubted this project until I added the plants, which improved the overall look 100%! I chose some plants that would cascade to soften the concrete blocks